Training in the SY Department

SY Departmental Training Officer (DTO): 

Eric Montesinos

Tel: 75190, GSM: 164235


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SY Learning: All training requests must be related to functions and roles and are granted under the responsibility of the direct supervisor and the line management.

CERN Mandatory Courses


Training Duration Eligible Members of Personnel To be followed before
French integration course for beginners
  • 60 hours (10 weeks)
  • 40 hours (8 weeks)
  • MPE
  • MPA
  • MPAt with contract > 6 months
3rd month at CERN
Communication: Science or Art (Workshop 1) One day
  • MPE
  • MPA on request
2nd month at CERN
Effective cross-culture communication (Workshop 2) One day
  • MPE
  • MPA on request
6th month at CERN (3 months later than Workshop 1)


Training Duration Eligible Members of Personnel When to be followed 
E-learning - Internal processes for Supervisors 4 modules x 30' each New Supervisors asap
Essentials of people management  4 non-consecutive days New SL & Supervisors > 3 asap
Annual interview: Be prepared as a Supervisor 1 x one day All Merit supervisors asap
Communicating with impact 2 days Supervisors (all, including experienced supervisors) asap after 3 months in this role









MPE = Employed Members of Personnel (STAF, FELL)

MPA = Associated Members of Personnel (COAS, PJAS, USER, VISC, SASS, CASS, GPRO)

MPAt = Associated Members of Personnel for training (Doctoral, Summer, Administrative and Technical students; Trainees)

Language Training

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Language needs and level defined by the supervisor according to functions and roles

Placement test:

- Applies only to first language training request

- Applies to people who have not taken any course since the last 6 months

Language training request
in EDH by the student including:

- Attached placement test email from Supercomm, or Supercomm's attestation

- Targeted level defined by the supervisor (in step 1)


A0  Integration (mandatory)                           

A1  Introductory - A2  Intermediate                                           

B1  Mid - B2  Advanced

C1  Autonomous - C2  Master





Cost - Attendance

Training sessions are proposed by half levels (one semester).

One half level costs:

  • 60 hours (10 weeks)
  • 720 CHF

The supervisor must free the Member of Personnel for these courses. 


Two semesters are required for each level to be completed.